Tuesday 22 September 2020

Playlist Tuesday September 22nd 2020

Van Morrison - Saint Dominic's Preview
The Devlins - Someday
Enya - Caribbean Blue
Thin Lizzy - Angel From the Coast
Cathy Davey - About Time
Fionn Regan - Put a Penny in the Slot
Come On Live Long - Mountains
Irish Women in Harmony - Dreams
The Flaws - Sixteen

Graham Sweeney - Go N-Éirí an Bóthar Leat
Damien Dempsey - You're the Cure
Horslips - King of the Fairies
Jack Lukeman - Jackie
Columbia Mills - Trees
Mango X Mathman feat. Lisa Hannigan - Deep Blue
Æ MAK - Hey Driver (!)
Fight Like Apes - Pretty Keen On Centerfolds

Codes - Starry Eyed
Sinéad O'Connor - The Last Day of Our Acquaintance
Kopek - Love Is Dead
Pillow Queens - Holy Show
Delorentos - Petardu
CMAT - Rodney
Kodaline - All I Want
Mary Black feat. Eleanor McEvoy - Only a Woman's Heart
Duke Special - Everybody Wants a Little Something
David Kitt - There Are Words

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