Thursday 28 May 2009

Let Love In - Nick Cave

Let Love In” is the eighth studio album by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, released in April 1994. It contains all of the elements that make Cave and his band great; love, death, the blues, booze and murder, and yet it is also more accessible than some of their other work. Although several masterpieces of gothic imagery abound, this album, for the most part, focuses on love.
The two versions of “Do You Love Me?” star as the bread in this dark musical sandwich, a chilling look at child prostitution and reportedly based on what Cave observed while living in Brazil. The compulsory piano-led love ballad of course also features in the form of “Nobody’s Baby”. “Jangling Jack” is a cheerful tale of death and bar-room brawling. “Lay Me Low” sees Cave musing on his eventual end with his own unique irony and black humour. “Loverman”, with its demonic fury, is perhaps best known by many as one of the stand-out tracks from Metallica’s “Garage Inc.” covers album. The (nearly) title track, “I Let Love In”, paints a bleak picture of the darkness, pain and frustrations that often accompany the most overused word in any song; ‘love’. The album’s highlight is easily the creepily-catchy “Red Right Hand”. Cave’s songs have been sadder on some albums, or have been grubbier in production on others, but on the whole “Let Love In” hasn’t been bettered. Cave is on searing form both lyrically and vocally, and the Bad Seeds have never sounded this electrifying. Flooded with emotions, this album is hard-hitting, powerful and reveals all its charms and nuances after repeated listens. If ever there was a record that will lead you to pursue other releases in an artist’s catalogue, this is the one.

  1. “Do You Love Me?” – 5:56
  2. “Nobody’s Baby Now” – 3:52
  3. “Loverman” – 6:21
  4. “Jangling Jack” – 2:47
  5. Red Right Hand”– 6:10
  6. “I Let Love In” – 4:14
  7. “Thirsty Dog” – 3:48
  8. “Ain't Gonna Rain Anymore” – 3:46
  9. “Lay Me Low” – 5:08
  10. “Do You Love Me? (Part 2)” – 6:12

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