Wednesday 6 July 2011

Some of the requests we received for this morning's clothing theme

Hi there! My suggestion is The Smith's Hand in Glove! Elaine Parsons.
how about handbags and gladrags by stereophonics.
"Dedicated Follower of Fashion" by The Kinks. john the us expat
What's that Kirsty McColl one that goes "on these shoes, I don't think so?"
Little feat.sailin' shoes.
Don't ZZ top have a song "Sharp Dressed Man"?
"You Can Keep Your Hat On" by Randy Newman
Hi pam how about lipstick on your collar by connie francis
Little green bag. Taz
Forever in blue jeans, white sports coat and a pink carnation
There's a hole in my shoe by neil from the young ones
Cake 'Short Skirt, Long Jacket', The National 'Green Gloves' and two Johnny Cash songs from Live At Folsom Prison; 'I Got Stripes' and 'The Long Black Veil'. Thanks, Jam Dodger
What's that reggae tune "I'm gonna put on an iron shirt and chase the devil out of earth" migt b lee scratch perry
Hi pam how about baggy trousers by madness.
We don't to... by Jermaine Stewart
"Leopard Skin Pillbox Hat" by Bob Dylan.
john the us expat
Blue jeans by ladytron xxx
Hi what about I'm too sexy for my shirt ? Cheese tastic :)
How about sweater song by weezer? Viva el burro!!!
Mornin. How bout nancy sinatra there boots we're made for walkin or paulo nuteni's new shoes. Thanks auds
Did you say shoes? As in Blue Suede Shoes? Bill
Where's Me Jumper? Bill

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