Wednesday 8 December 2010

Sugar and Spice and All Things Nice, or Snips and Snails and Puppy Dog's Tails?

We decided to have an off-the-cuff Girls vs Boys theme show this morning. 

As per usual, you, our stupendous listeners, sent us in some great suggestions, as can be seen below...

LCD sound system Drunk Girls - Joey
Girl, you'll be a woman soon bu Urge Overkill
Badly Drawn Boy - Gizmo
Air 'sexy boy' or madonna 'do you know what it feels like for a girl'
Strange little girl by the stranglers
Queen, Fat bottomed girls
'Wonder boy' from Tenacious D - Toetapperman
The word girl by Scritti Politti
Tony Bennett... Beautiful girls,
Girl from ipanema (from Fran!)
China Girl - David Bowie (by 4!)
Beastie boys, girls
Hey boy hey girl, chemical brothers
Joe jackson, its different for girls
West End Girls - Dogwithabone
Watching the girls go by, andy williams - Ray
Boy named Sue by J Cash - David
This Boy by the Beatles - Bill N
'Boys dont cry' by The Cure - Steen
"Mannish Boy" by Muddy Waters or "Midnight Cowboy" by John Barry - Keith
Deacon blue chocloate girl!!
Boys and girls by blur (by 5)
John Lennon's "Beautiful Boy", and with the Beatles "Boys" from "Please Please Me" and "Girl" from "Rubber Soul"
"Boy in the bubble" - Peter
Jamiroquai's "Cosmic Girl" - Stephen
For the boys, the Smith's "the boy with a thorn in his side" and the girls "girlfriend in a coma" - Keith
John Lennon's anniversary
"Sonic Boom Boy" - Nicknameless
Sabrina's "Boys, Boys, Boys", Jamiroquai's "Space Cowboy", Prince's "Boys and Girls" - Keith

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