Wednesday 8 December 2010

Conserve water!

"Dublin City Council is asking people to reduce their water consumption and not leave taps running. All areas will have water restrictions over the next two nights from 7pm to 7am. Don't fill the bath or store water as your tank will have enough to cover the amount needed. 

"We acknowledge and appreciate the high level of co-operation and assistance already received from consumers. With their continued support it will be possible to limit the level of restrictions," says John Tierney, City Manager. "A contingency plan is now being put into effect. This will result in areas having their supply restricted particularly over the next three nights. While every effort will be made to manage any restrictions as fairly as possible, the nature of Dublin’s supply system is such that it is unavoidable that some areas will be more affected than others, so everybody needs to play their part in not wasting water." 
The City Council are locating and repairing watermain bursts as quickly as possible. While the accumulation of snow makes it difficult to identify leakages reports should be made through our contact no. 01 2220600.  Consumers can continue to help by reducing their water usage to the lowest level possible. It is emphasised that there is no need for anyone to store water in anticipation of the restrictions as they will be confined at most to 12 hour periods from 7pm to 7am. This is well within the storage capacity of every home.
A map with a schedule of areas affected by restrictions over the next three nights can be found at Information is also available on RTE Television’s AERTEL service, page 629.

We urge consumers to play their part and conserve water to minimise the level and extent of any necessary restrictions being put in place to reduce demand. provides a number of very simple steps that people can take at home and at work to conserve water, without adversely impacting on their daily lives.

Consumers experiencing extreme hardship should contact the following Emergency Telephone Number – 01 2223881.

Further statements will issue before the weekend to update the public."

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