Tuesday 18 August 2020

Playlist Tuesday August 18th 2020

U2 - All I Want Is You
U2 - Sweetest Thing
Ian O'Doherty - Heartbeats Shifting
Moon Looks On - Razorwire Skies
Finnian feat. Booka Brass Band - I Don't Wanna Fall In Love
Ailie Blunnie - Rocky Road To Dublin
Paddy Hanna - Toulouse The Kisser
Joe Chester - Juliette Walking In The Rain
Columbia Mills - Battles
Cut Once - Play With Fire

Wyvern Lingo - Don't Say It
Wyvern Lingo - Used
Cathy Davey - Army Of Tears
Kormac feat. Bajka - Wake Up
Le Galaxie - You Feel The Fire
The Dead Heavys - Lazarus
Cashier No.9 - Lost At Sea
RSAG - Don't Move So Fast
Paj - Superman
Kyoto Love Hotel - Machine

CMAT - Another Day (kfc)
CMAT - Rodney
Horslips - Rescue Me
The Golden Horde - Friends In Time
Delush - Lean On It
René La Vice & Jess Young - Bad Luck
Turn - Another Year Over
Ryan Vail & Ela Orkestra - Love
Kynsy - Cold Blue Light
Joshua Burnside - War On Everything
Not Squares - Oops Said Hi
Fontaines DC - Boys In The Better Land

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