Tuesday 24 July 2012

Travel details for this evening's Madonna concert

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All patrons travelling to the Aviva Stadium for the event are advised to utilise public transport as much as possible. The stadium is serviced by bus, DART and Luas transport facilities.

There are limited parking spaces for patrons who travel by road such as on-street parking where disk parking is in force and will be rigidly adhered to.
Drivers should be aware that illegally or improperly parked vehicles have the potential to cause traffic disruption, obstruction and difficulty to emergency vehicles that may need to access the narrow residential streets that surround the Aviva Stadium. Tow Wagons will be in operation during the event and offending vehicles will be removed.

Park & RidePatrons wishing to travel by road to the general Dublin City area to attend the match should avail of Park and Ride facilities supplied by the various public transport providers.
Patrons are advised to approach the city via the National Motorway Routes (M1, M2, M3, M4, M7, M11) towards Dublin City and divert via the M50 motorway to the various park & ride facilities listed below.

Patrons can avail of either the Red Line or Green Line.
Red Line
- Patrons can avail of the Red Cow Car Park and the Tallaght Cross West Car Park where they can avail of the Luas to Connolly Station where they can avail of the DART to Lansdowne Road (All Routes) or continue to the O2 where they can walk across the East Link Bridge to the Stadium Area (Purple Route).
Green Line
- Patrons can avail of the Balally Car Park, Stillorgan Car Park, Beacon South Quarter Luas Car Park and the Sandyford Park car park where they can avail of the Luas to Ranelagh or St. Stephen’s Green which are only 15 minutes walk from the Stadium. (Blue, Orange and Green Routes).
Please see www.luas.ie for further information.

Irish RailIrish Rail run additional services for patrons attending at events at the Aviva Stadium. There will be extra inter-city trains from all areas of the country running to Dublin City.
Southern Route inter-city trains run to Pearse Station and the Northern and North Western lines run to Connolly Station. The DART can be then accessed from these stations. The South Western line runs into Heuston Station where feeder buses are available to transfer patrons to Tara Street Station where again the DART can be accessed.
There are also car parks at most DART Stations along the route. Please check your local DART Station for information.
There is a Park & Ride facility at the M3 Parkway Train Station located near Dunboyne. This facility is just off the M3 motorway and is also easily accessible from the M50. Patrons can park at the Parkway and avail of trains to Connolly Station via Clonsilla and then avail of the DART to Lansdowne Road. There are also connecting buses from the Parkway to Trim.
Please see www.irishrail.ie for confirmation of the above information and for timetables.

Dublin BusThe General Aviva Stadium area is serviced by the following routes:-
Ballsbridge Serviced by:-
- Routes 4, 5, 7, 7a, 7n, 8, 18, 27x, 45, 47
Donnybrook Serviced by:-
- Routes 7b, 7d, 10, 10a, 32x, 39b, 41x, 46a, 46e, 77x, 84x, 116, 118, 145
Sandymount Serviced by:-
- Routes 2, 3, 18
Please check www.dublinbus.ie for confirmation and timetables.
A large Park & Ride area will be in effect for Dublin Buses after the event. This will be located on Northumberland Road as will a large taxi rank.
All patrons should choose their route carefully based on the colour coded entry routes outlined on their tickets so as to avoid delay.

ResidentsPatrons are requested to be aware that the Aviva Stadium is located in a residential area. Patrons attending at the Aviva Stadium are requested to respect residents by behaving in an appropriate manner when going to and departing the stadium. Issues such as illegal parking, anti social behaviour, drinking and urinating in public cause difficulties and will not be tolerated by Gardai. Patrons are asked to desist from such behaviour.
Special Needs Parking:There are 100 disabled parking spaces in the Aviva Stadium car park which can only be accessed from Herbert Road. Patrons using this facility should apply in advance to the Aviva Stadium for a permit and should be in the Stadium 2 hours prior to the event starting or admittance cannot be guaranteed.
Bus/Coach Parking: There are no specific bus or coach parking areas around the Aviva Stadium. Coaches must not be parked in a manner which could lead to disruption. Patrons travelling to the above event by coach should be dropped off on Pembroke Road and Northumberland Road prior to the event. After the event buses and coaches should park on Pembroke Road and Northumberland Road in order to pick their passengers.
Additional Dublin Bus Services will be provided to provide egress from the event. These buses will be parked on Northumberland Road.
A taxi rank will also be in operation on Northumberland Road
Ticket Sales:
Please refer to www.mcd.ie for details of ticket sales for the event.

Pre Event Traffic Restrictions:As with all events at the Aviva Stadium, a Garda Cordon will be in effect on the streets that lead to the Stadium. Only accredited vehicles will be permitted to pass by this cordon. All vehicles will be checked for accreditation. 
Local residents, their immediate families, local business community will be facilitated at the barriers with proof of address. However proof of address does not guarantee entry through the cordon where high pedestrian volumes exist.
The following roads will be closed to through traffic from 15.00hrs on 24/7/2012:-
? Lansdowne Park
? Lansdowne Lane
? Lansdowne Road from Shelbourne Road to Herbert Bridge
? Herbert Road
? Newbridge Avenue
? Bath Avenue
? Londonbridge Road
Subsequently the following roads will be closed to through traffic from 17.30hrs
? The remainder of Lansdowne Road from Shelbourne Road to Pembroke Road
? Shelbourne Road
? Beatty’s Avenue
? Ballsbridge Avenue
Parking Restrictions

Garda No-Parking Cones will be placed at the following locations to prevent parking:
1. Lansdowne Road – Both sides from Shelbourne Road to Herbert Bridge
2. Herbert Road – Left side from Herbert Bridge to Tritonville Road
3. Lansdowne Lane – Left side from Shelbourne Road
4. Shelbourne Road – Both sides from Shelbourne Avenue to The Podium Entrance.
5. Havelock Square – Right side from Bath Avenue to the Entrance Gate.
6. Northumberland Road – Both sides from Lansdowne Road to Haddington Road

During the hours of operation of the Garda Cordon, vehicles, bicycles, skips, bags, bins or any other items which are causing an obstruction or which may become a trip hazard will be relocated or removed.
Colour Coded EntrySuperintendent Finbarr O’Brien of Donnybrook Garda Station stresses that the most important consideration is that everyone gets in and out of the Stadium and the general area safely and that everyone enjoys the event. An Garda Siochana would like to stress that all patrons should be aware of the colour coded entry routes to the Stadium which will be clearly identified on their tickets and will be strictly enforced. People should leave plenty of time to find their route and should park or approach the Stadium with these routes in mind. After the event everyone will also have to exit the Stadium by the route they came in.

Please be patient at the end of the event. Follow instructions from Gardai and Stewards.
Patrons should arrive early to ensure that they can gain access in time for the event.

 Blue ticket  - entry via Podium Entrance off
Shelbourne Road.
Orange ticket  - entry via Lansdowne Lane.
Green ticket  - entry via Lansdowne Road.
Purple ticket  - entry via Herbert Road.

Please refer to www.avivastadium.ie or www.mcd.ie for further details and approach maps.
Patron Search:All patrons entering the Garda cordon will be the subject of a ticket check by Stewards and search by Gardaí. Any offensive articles, e.g. glass bottles, air horns, large flagpoles, flares, vuvuzelas will not be permitted. Patrons are advised not to bring any unnecessary baggage with them and are advised to travel early to the stadium to avoid any unnecessary delays.
Public Order.
Patrons are asked to have consideration for local residents and refrain from anti-social behaviour such as on street drinking and urinating etc
Patrons are advised to be aware of their own personal safety and security while attending the event. They should ensure the security of personal belongings while on route to and from the stadium i.e. purses/wallets/tickets/ Mobile Phones.
Patrons who arrive by vehicle should also ensure that property is not left exposed in parked vehicles. They should ensure that car windows, sunroofs are correctly closed.

D4 Berkeley Hotel Car ParkAll residents of the D4 Berkeley Hotel will be permitted entry subject to pedestrian presence at the time and are requested to access the hotel via Pembroke Road/Lansdowne Road junction.
End of Event Crowd Movement
In order to ensure crowd safety and ease of movement patrons will only be permitted to exit the Stadium via the colour coded entry route through which they entered unless directed otherwise by Gardai and Stewards. Gardai and stewards will be available to assist in all areas.
A Large number of patrons are expected to avail of the DART. This may lead to delays and queues after the event. Every effort will be made by Gardai and Irish Rail personnel to ensure that patrons access the DART as soon as possible. Additional trains will be laid on after the event to supplement regular services. Please be patient and follow the directions of the Gardai, Stewards and Irish Rail personnel
Patrons should also comply with the directions issued by Gardaí and stewards as they depart the stadium. Again, the directions are issued with a view to making the stadium environs a safer place during patron exit from the Aviva Stadium.
The following safety notice has been issued by MCD and is available on www.MCD.ie

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