Wednesday 15 June 2011

Some of the requests we received for this morning's city theme

Wichita Lineman - Glenn Campbell
What about "'give me hope Joanna" by Eddie grant ?? It was an apartheid era song about Johannesburg Hot Toddy
Sydney from a 747 by Paul Kelly.
John Cale - Paris 1919 - eoin : )
Hamburg song by keane, kashmir by led zep and have you got the classic ga ga galway by dj gaillimh? Cosmo seinfeld
What about the boss? You could play Atlantic city? Ed.
Sweet home Chicago. Niall
Can you play frank black i wanna live in los angeles? Thanks shane
Hey what about show me the way to amarillo jcat lucan
midnight in moscow by kenny ball and his jazzmen.
Stuck inside of Mobile, Dylan. Back in the USSR, Beatles. Amsterdam, Coldplay. Ben.
Moscow calling by Gorky Park. Rock band frow Russia sound like Def Leppard
Stranger in Moscow by Michael Jackson
Hi sarah how about belfast by boney m.
Billy Joel's.. Lenningrad! Lauren.
Bran van 3000 drinking in LA
No Russian cities yet? Is there nothing with Moscow or Stalingrad or such? Or any Australian cities? :-) Thanks, Keith.
Tupelo by nick cave and the bad seeds, brixton leaves by duke special, in liverpool by suzanne vega, singapore by tom waits, oh and new york city boy by pet shop boys since i cant think of one by erasure. Cosmo seinfeld
Going down to liverpool by the bangles, summer in dublin by bagatelle, from little chicken butt
Galviston. Please!
How about anchorage by michelle shocked? Thanks muireann
Good morning guys, what about london by the smiths? Cosmo seinfeld
You have to play barcelona by freddie mercury from the caveboy
REM All the way to Reno?
Heart in newyork art garfunkle ,good version on live in central park with päul simon.
Hi sarah. What about murray head one night in bankock or deep purple's my woman from tokyo or a double whammy. From l a to new york. Or stretching it, billy joel its all about soul !! raybo
Mr CAIRO by Jon Vangelis. Gr8 track. Bob
24 hours from tulsa. Taz
As well as New York by U2, don't forget Murray Head's One Night in Bangkok ... sneidjer
could you play Paris Match by The Style Council
Are u going to san francisco. Taz
Ub4o kingston town peter
How about sufjan stevens, he has a thing 4 place names, eg. Chicago, Jacksonville, Decatur. Keep up the good work, paul.
Grey in l.a. Loudn wainwright. Big d
Casablanca, So Cow
Morning Sarah, can you play 'Night Boat to Cairo' by Madness please? Take it you have 'Vienna' in the playlist already? Thanks, Jam Dodger
Goodbye Toulouse The Stranglers
City of chicago christy moore peter
Duran Duran - Rio, David Gray - Babylon, The Clash - London Calling, Aretha Franklin - Spanish Harlem :-):-) Thanks, Keith.
Summer in Berlin by Alphaville
Or Limerick you're a lady! Yuck! You can call me al!
Going loco down in acupolco? Winged one
How about paris by friendly fires
Maybe the rocky road to dublin
first we take manhattan then Berlin
Hi Sarah, How about "Dublin in the Rare Old Times".. Patrick.
Jersey girl the boss not of song title and galway girl
Belfast Child by Simple Minds, The Doors - LA Woman, Johnny Cash - Jackson
Tulips from Amsterdam; Chicago (Sinatra); New York (L Minelli); I Love Paris (E Fitzgerald).

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