Wednesday 13 October 2010

Songs for the Chilean miners

We had plenty of requests for the Chilean miners this morning, here are a few of the suggestions:

For the miners: Disney's hi ho from snow white
can you play up where we belong , by joe cocker and jennifer warnes, for the coalminers
Higher Ground - Stevie Wonder
Rise - Public Image Limited
Break On Through
How did i miss it... The livin daylights! Of course. H
Some survivor for the miners or dig lazarus dig or the country classic - been stuck down this mine shaft for 3 months, i hope someones feeding ma dog. Gavin
For Chilean miners how bout supermassive black hole by muse?
Deeper And Down - Status Quo
Up up and away, beloved
I will survive!
U could play we're sending our love down the well from the simpsons ange ;-)
From the bottom- blues brothers! H
Blue sky mine by midnight oil would b appropriate 4 the chilean miners this morning
Okay I gotta join in... How about going underground, canary in a coalmine, the only way is up, up where we belong,
How about de only way is up. For de miners .big n
I come from the land downunder
We gotta get out of this place'
You could also play the classic tunes "working go a coalmine" or "big bad john". Both with with mining themes. :-) Thanks, Keith.

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