Tuesday 9 March 2010

The Live Drive Anthem...

Dave sent us this amazing rap this morning. We might perform it live later in the week but in the meantime, it sits nicely on the beat of "No Sleep 'Til Brooklyn" by the Beastie Boys if you fancy giving it a go yourself.
We’re the Live Drive crew and we do the traffic,
We chill you out with music when it all goes static.
We’ve D.J. Sarah always in fine fettle,
If she stops to take a breath Pam puts on Metal.
We avoid chart divas that’s for sure,
And we can always find a reason to play the Cure.
If you can't recall a tune Sarah sings a few bars,
I think her album's due out at the end of March.
We played Lady Hawk ‘til the file disintegrated,
She even texted in herself to say she’s over-rated!
On Featured-Artist Friday the votes begin to mount,
But if your favourite loses don’t expect a recount!
When Bjork was in the running Sarah gave her a push,
But you all texted "Kate" just to hear her say “Boosh”!
Out-numbered, John left in a hurry for Cuba,
If that doesn’t work he's got a month in Aruba.
The single most popular question for the station:
Did Eternal Journey Man ever reach his destination?
Hey Taz, can you tell us if it doesn’t detain ya,
Is it true that you’re a cartoon all the way from Tasmania?
Little Missy, who is faster with a phone than a pen,
Is texting in to say she’s lost again.
One thing we’ve wondered - it would be a dream -
Does Yellow Van Man sell vanilla ice cream?
We’ll give you more green - doesn’t have to be said -
But if you’re too demanding you get nuthin’ but red!
Our three hour mission is to get you where you’re goin’ ,
Then John and Paul undo it all by bringin’ you home!
(With apologies to little Missy – apparently Dave couldn’t resist!)


  1. Apparently Sarah and Pam are going to perform it LIVE :-) With me on backing vocals.