Wednesday 11 November 2009

Mo Beard or Not Mo Beard...

Sarah doesn't believe Johns puny facial hair its a moustache. She contests that there are gaps in the growth from lip to chin therefore it is not a complete moustache. John claims its just that the hair at the sides of his mouth is blonde.

Here he is in all his.. ahem.. Glory

What do you think Mo or Beard? Let us know..

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  1. You just need brown eye liner to fill in the gaps

  2. John, I totally support you. It's definitely a moustache (if a little blonde and tufty just at the sides of your mouth), don't let that Sarah bully you! ;-)

    For those who say a Fu Manchu is a beard - you're wrong - wikipedia says so!

    I expect to hear an apology to you sometime after 8 tomorrow morning!

  3. I'm hoping the tufty bits fill out over the rest of the month. I've still got 18 days to go, I'm sure it will have filled out by then.... Thanks for the donation by the way. Its greatly appreciated.

  4. Just checked your Mo Space.
    It's hard to make out but I guess it's a classic handlebar. I decided to model mine on Magnum P.I. but the hair on my lip is a bit blonde aswell. Check it out