Tuesday 27 October 2009

Remember Remember the month of Mo-Vember

Its that time of year, men begin to sprout facial hair in the name of charity, yes folks its M0vember.

Our very own, Bewilderbeast is going to shave his beard and grow a moustache for charity and he is looking to you, yes YOU! the live drive listener to do your part and give to charity in support of him bearing all.

His rosie cheeks haven't been clean shaven in 5 years, we aren't really sure what he looks like under there! (see below)

Anyway we will photograph his ever growing moustache day by day slowly revealing his shame right here on our blogg. Begining with full beard and covering 30 days of growth until he becomes a true throw back.

All that's left to do is for John to chose what style he should have and for you to click on the link and give generously

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