Thursday 13 August 2009

The B52's - Cosmic Thing

1989 saw the release of The B52's fifth studio album, Cosmic Thing. Funky and fun and everything you would expect from this wacky pack of musicians. Not only is it arguably their best album, its also their greatest commercial success.

Their guitarist Ricky Wilson died in 1985 and many had written off the band as a result. Especially after the release of the previous album Bouncing off the Satellites which was universally panned.

The album is non stop fun and even has a rare reflective tune in The Deadbeat Club. Cosmic Thing contains a bunch of massive hits,Channel Z, Roam and of course their biggest hit Love Shack.

Track Listing
  1. "Cosmic Thing"
  2. "Dry County"
  3. "Deadbeat Club"
  4. "Love Shack"
  5. "Junebug"
  6. "Roam"
  7. "Bushfire"
  8. "Channel Z"
  9. "Topaz"
  10. "Follow Your Bliss"

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