Thursday 26 February 2009

Weird Beard

A number of you have expressed an opinion on John's beard. So we decided we would put up a few choice shots of the man himself and the beards that inspire him! We have Jeremy Beadle, Animal, Chewy and Ray LaMontagne! and off course Live Drive's very own John McEvoy... What a man. Feel free to add other bearded gents who may in fact be Mr McEvoy in disguise!!


  1. In fairness John, you are so much better looking that Jeremy Beadle!

  2. Well at least I have that much going for me... I am wearing a clever disguise though!

  3. Wait? You're the guy with the drum sticks right?

  4. OK, guys. Here's my first attempt to blog; or more precisely, to comment on a blog. I've never done either, but am pressing ahead with technology in response to your encouragement this morning, following my comment about the relevance of "Always Something There to Remind Me" in defining the seminal role of a significant other. Actually, my text comment was a weak attempt to be humorous by playing on the stereotypic characterisation of a significant other (SO)as a "reminder". Consider the portrayal of a SO in sitcoms, etc. Wife to Husband: "Did you take out the rubbish?" or "Did you remember to pay the telephone bill?" etc., etc.

    It's no wonder the humour wasn't evident because, of course, the lyrics are about love lost. Maybe, if the title were "Always SOMEONE There to Remind Me" my text might have received a laugh, or a giggle.

    How's that for an inaugural blog comment? ("Probably 10 times too long" he answers himself.) Smiles to Sarah, John and Nicole and Pam, Bill