Friday 2 April 2021

Playlist Friday April 2nd 2021

Enda Gallery feat. Tolu Makay - The Greatest Gift
Tolu Makay & The RTE National Concert Orchestra - N17
Banba feat Gráinne Hunt - Time To Go
Carrie Baxter - Pray Roisín O - Heart & Bones
New Pagans - Christian Boys
Nylophone - Stay Asleep & Dream
Nylophone - Stay
Kynsy - Elephant In The Room
Emiji feat. Hvmmingbyrd - Larimar
John Blek - Like A Child
John Blek - Right Moves
Ann Scott - Another Valentine


Elaine May feat. MayKay - No Forever
T.A. Narrative - Lifting You Higher
Pixie Cut Rhythm Orchestra - I Didn't Love You When I Said I Did and I Don't Now
Orla Gartland - More Like You
For Those I Love - Birthday
Christian Cohle - Holy Trouble
CMAT - I Don't Really Care For You
Brídín - Ocean Of Stars
Brídín - Floating
Luan Parle - Never Say Goodbye
Local Boy - Al Bundy
Fynch feat. Willhouse - Soon
The Elements - Let The Stars Shine
Midnight Wayne - It's Alright, Hold On Tight
Carrie Baxter feat. Nealo - Without You
Sun Collective feat. Lisa Hannigan & I Have A Tribe - Wild

Clare Sands & Susan O'Neill - Carry My Song
Conchúr White - Vocation Vacation
Gorgeous Wrecks - You Carve Your Name
Cronin - Bank Of Love
Robert John Hope - None Other
Robert John Ardiff - Black Dog
A Ritual Sea - Desire Lines
Seba Safe - Lamont Lament
Gordon Barry - My Name Is Never
Fya Fox - Body
Wyvern Lingo - Only Love Only Light
Wyvern Lingo - Sydney
Kojaque - No Hands
Pretty Happy - Salami
Brí - More Than

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